Vacant Property

Vacant structure insurance is defined as coverage that protects an unoccupied structure during vacancy, should it sustain physical loss or damage from a covered loss.

Because the primary condition for this insurance is complete vacancy, types of residential clients may vary somewhat. A few of the more common types include:

  1. Landlords between tenants
  2. Homeowners selling their residence after leaving the property
  3. House flippers

Vacant house insurance is designed to protect the structure (not the land or other assets) from damage when the structure is unoccupied. Though specific coverage varies from provider to provider, a vacant home insurance policy has been known to protect the structure from various exposures including fire, lightning, explosions, windstorms, hail, smoke and water intrusion (such as that caused by sprinklers or leaky pipes). Coverage for vandalism and theft may also be added, but may vary by structure and insurance provider.